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e-EOGAN 2021 Program

New Sources for new histories of energy

27 May, 3-6pm CET, online 

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SPECIAL SCREENING: “A city of light” by the Fondazione AEM – link will be made available to conference attendees



3:00pm-4:00pm PANEL 01 - Archival Sources for the Social History of Energy

ABRAMSKY Kolya “Let Those who Labour Hold the Reins: John La Rose’s personal

archive of papers relating to the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) of Trinidad and



GALLIZIA Steeve, « Une nouvelle source pour l’histoire des hydrocarbures au

XIXème siècle : les brevets d’invention déposés en France, 1791-1901 »


NASEIRO RAMUDO Ana, “Documentary sources for the research of the exploitation of

hydrocarbons in Spain during the Franco regime: the archival treatment of the fund of

ENCASO (Empresa Nacional Calvo Sotelo)”



4:15pm-5:15pm PANEL 02 – New Research outputs


Anna Maria Scognamiglio, University of Milan, “Energy sector and Economic Diplomacy in the History of FRG-USSR Economic Relations in the 1970s and early 1980s”


Rebecca Davies, “Geothermal Energy Research in Cornwall”


Matteo Gerlini, Francesca Nemore, Giovanni Paoloni, La Sapienza University of Rome, “From Water to Atom: the investments by the Italian banks and the local communities opposition to hydropower basins and nuclear plants”



5:15pm-5:50pm ROUNDTABLE: “Development of Access Guidelines for Oil Company Archives” convened by David Tallon



5:50pm-6pm Presentation of the special screening “A city of light”

Download the full program here!

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