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Eogan Statute





1. Name

 The name of the organization is the Europan Oil and Gas Archives Network (EOGAN). EOGAN is registered as a charity organization and official registered in Norway (organisation number 916 561 180).


2. Purpose of EOGAN.


The objectives of EOGAN are as follows:


2.1. Raise awareness about the importance of oil and gas archives for the cultural heritage as well as the further developments of the energy industry


2.2. Promote public awareness about the significance of records on oil and gas


2.3. Contribute actively to the preservation of a wide range of oil and gas archives from both the public and private sectors


2.4. Encourage that records from subsidiary companies abroad are preserved, where appropriate, in the country where the activities take place


2.5. Establish procedures to secure the deposition of records in case of mergers and acquisitions


2.6. Develop archival methods and strategies for the oil and gas sector: appraisal, descriptive standards, preservation of electronic records, web portals


2.7. Promote research and other uses of oil and gas records by liaising with universities, cultural institutions, think tanks, and independent researchers


3. Membership and member fee


3.1. The Society shall be composed of Institutional Members, Individual Members  and Supporting Members.


3.2. Can join the network as Institutional Members:

  • Archives/records management units within companies and state agencies operating in the oil and gas industry,

  • Archival institutions and museums,

  • Universities, cultural institutions and research centres

Institutional members are represented within EOGAN by up to two referents independently chosen by the Institutional member. The referent acts as trait d’union between the Institution and EOGAN in all relevant matters.


3.3 Can join the network as Individual Members:

  • Students and academics with an interest in energy sources

  • Current and former personnel from the industry

  • Archivists and museum curators interested in the preservation of oil and gas heritage


3.4. Can join the network as Supporting Members

  • Anyone with an interest in EOGAN activities


3.5. The Board shall have the right to offer Honorary membership in recognition of outstanding or long continued service to the Society. Honorary Members shall pay no subscription.


3.6. Official and Individual memberships are annual at a fee to be set by the annual meeting.


3.7. Both Institutional and Individual members shall have full voting rights at society meetings. Honorary members shall not.


3.8. Applications to join EOGAN both for Institutional and Individual members are reviewed by the Board. An application for membership shall not be refused on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or political views.


3.9. Membership is not open to minors (except where written parental consent is obtained).


3.10. The Board may, following a fair hearing before the annual meeting, expel any member for behaviour likely to cause damage to the Network.


3.11 Rights and duties of the Institutional Members:

  • They MUST indicate their representatives to EOGAN (up to two)

  • They CAN vote for the Board elections (each representative will have one vote)

  • They CAN propose activities to submit to the EOGAN board to promote the networks’ objectives

  • Through their representatives, they should contribute to keeping the EOGAN network alive by communicating to the EOGAN mailing list and to the Web Officer all relevant activities

  • Through their representatives, they should submit to the Web Officer all relevant information for the profile on (including logo, information on the Institution, referent contact details)

  • They can participate to the international annual meeting

  • They must cover expenses for their representatives during the EOGAN International meeting and other relevant events connected to EOGAN

  • They can participate as sponsors of EOGAN-related activities

  • They can use the EOGAN logo upon permission from the Board


3.12. Rights and duties of the Individual Members:

  • They should submit to the Web Officer all relevant information for the profile on (including professional information, research, picture)

  • They should contribute to keeping the EOGAN network alive by communicating to the EOGAN mailing list and to the Web Officer all relevant activities

  • They can participate to the international annual meeting

  • They can vote for the Board elections

  • They can use the EOGAN logo upon permission from the Board

  • They can propose activities to submit to the EOGAN board to promote the networks’ objectives

  • They can participate to EOGAN’s annual meeting and all other relevant activities.

  • They can apply for scholarships made available by EOGAN to participate to the annual meeting and / or other relevant activities promoted by EOGAN


3.13 Rights and duties of the Supporting Members:

  • They can post to the mailing list

  • They can liaise with the Web officer and communication officer to promote activities related to EOGAN

  • They cannot vote for the Board

  • They cannot have a profile on the EOGAN website


3.14. Membership fees are decided by the annual meeting.


4. The annual meeting


The annual meeting is the organization's highest authority. Complete agenda for the annual meeting should be available to members at least one week before the annual meeting is held.


The annual meeting should as a minimum:

• Review annual report

• Review audited accounts

• Approve budget

• Elect the board and the nomination committee by majority vote


Changes in statutes can only be done in ordinary or extraordinary annual meeting.


5. The Board


5.1. The board has four members. The board is the highest authority between annual meetings.


5.2. The Board shall

  • Establish the dates and agenda of the annual international meetings

  • Implement annual meeting regulations

  • Appoint necessary committees / selection / individuals for specific tasks and prepare instructions for these

  • Manage the organization's daily activities and finances

  • Represent the organization externally


5.3. The Board is composed as follows:

  • Vice President & Secretary

  • Web officer and communication officer


5.4. The Board Meetings are called by the President every six months.


5.5. The Board is validly constituted with four members.


5.6. The Board is elected during a special session of the annual conference and stay in charge every three years.


5.7.  The members of the Board, the Chairman, and the Special Advisory Board (see below) shall hold office for 3 years, with the possibility to renew their mandate once. Members can then remain as members of the Special Advisory Group.


5.8. They all have the right to vote. The Chairman of Board has the right to an additional vote. The Board decisions are approved at majority.


5.9. Functions of the President

  • Call the meetings of the Board

  • Supervise all EOGAN activities

  • Manage the organisation of the international meeting together with the hosting institution

  • Call for emergency meeting in case of demission of a Board Representative or other important matters


5.10. Functions of the Vice President / Secretary

  • Prepare the report of the Board meetings

  • Call the annual international meeting at the President’s request

  • Prepare the final report of the international meeting

  • Deliver the official documents (guidelines, best practices, etc) to the network

  • Manage the voting during the election of the Board


5.11. Function of the Treasurer

  • Supervise the membership fee payment process

  • Submit the annual budget and an annual budget report to the attention of theBoard and all other EOGAN members

  • Submit to the web officer the annual budget and report to be published online after approval

  • Manages the network’s finances, reimburses, general and particular expenditures.

  • Establishes and manages the network’s bank account, which is set up in the country where the network is registered

  • Liaise with the local organisers for any activity of EOGAN, including the international annual meeting


5.12. Functions of the Web and Communication Officer

  • Supervise all communication activities of EOGAN

  • Is in charge of the EOGAN mailing list

  • Liaise with the Web Officer for online communication

  • Liaise with the councillors to run membership campaigns

  • Represents the organization externally together with the President

  • Supervises the content and graphic of EOGAN Website (

  • Informs the mailing list and the board of every new content uploaded online, including new members’ profile

  • Makes changes to the members’ profiles at the members’ request



6. The Special Advisory Group


5.1. The Special Advisory Group (SAG) sustains the Board in all of its activities. Furthermore, the SAG liaise with EOGAN partners and is in charge of coordinating the advertising campaigns in their respective fields of interest


5.2 The Special Advisory Group is composed as such:

  • Representative of Academic Researchers (1 to 3)

  • Representative of Corporate Archives (1 to 3)

  • Representative of Archives, Museums, and Cultural Institutions (1 to 3)


5.3 The SAG holds office for 3 years, as in renewed together with the Board. There are no temporal limits to the office of Representatives, but preference will be given to members who have not been previously part of the Board and/or SAG

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