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Marta Musso - Chair

Marta Musso is a researcher on energy governance and energy history. She holds a PhD in international economic history from the University of Cambridge with a thesis on the development of the Algerian oil industry and its economic relations with Europe. She works on the history of the oil industry, European energy policies, decolonisation and development, energy transitions. She also has an interest in digital and public history.


Marianne Hansen - Vice President and Secretary

Marianne M. Hansen is Archive Manager at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). She is educated as a librarian from the Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS) Aalborg branch in 1987. GEUS is the national data bank for geological data in Denmark. Since 2002 she is in charge of the Subsurface Archive – primarily the storage of oil and gas related data submitted to the survey but the Archive also manages the storage and sale of GEUS’ various reports, publications and maps.


Janet Birkedal Martin - Treasurer

Janet Birkedal Martin works as an advisor at the National Archives of Norway. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from University College Cork Ireland. She has a Diploma in Project Management from the University of Stavanger, and a Diploma in Archival studies from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Her main responsibilities include appraisal, cataloguing and preparation of records, promoting archives and the history of Oil and Gas to companies, organisations and the general public, as well as establishing and maintaining customer relations within the Oil and Gas Industry in Norway.



Radouan Andrea Mounecif - Web and Communication Officer

Radouan Andrea Mounecif, Archivist at Total Historical Archives and Phd candidate in history at Sorbonne University. Graduated MA in History and Social Sciences, he studied at Università degli Studi di Padova, Université Paris 8 and Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon before continuing his specialization in Archival and Record Management.  He worked in public and private historical archives being in charge of the archival processing and the valorization of different collections on contemporary history. His main area of research interest is related to colonial and post-colonial economic history with a particular emphasis on social history of energy industry and sociology of work


Special Advisory Group

Yves Bouvier - Representative of Academic Researchers

Yves is Assistant Professor of Contemporary History at the Paris-Sorbonne University, and a member of the research unit Sirice (UMR 8138) since September 2013. He holds an agrégation in history and a PhD from the Paris-Sorbonne University dealing with the relationship between Alcatel-Asthom and the State in France in the XXth Century. He works on the history of energy, mostly on nuclear energy and electricity but also on renewable energy sources. Last book: Yves Bouvier, Léonard Laborie (ed.), L'Europe en transitions. Energie, mobilité, communications, XVIIIe-XXIe siècles, Paris, Nouveau monde éditions, 2016.


Elisabetta Bini - Representative of

Academic Researchers

Elisabetta Bini, Researcher at University of Naples - Federico II

Fabrizio Trisoglio - Representative of Corporate Archives

Fabrizio graduated in History of Art at Università degli Studi di Milano, and is a researcher in Industrial Heritage (especially electrical), Iconography of Industry and Company Archives. Since 2009 he has collaborated as an historian with Fondazione AEM – Gruppo A2A for the preservation and promotion of its cultural heritage. In 2014 he became Scientific Responsible of Fondazione AEM – Gruppo A2A. He also works with other institutions: Politecnico di Milano (on History of Politecnico di Milano and History of Electrical Industrialization), Centro per la cultura d’impresa and AEIT, and is a member of AIPAI (Associazione Italiana per il Patrimonio Archeologico Industriale).

Daniela Scamuzzi - Representative of Corporate Archives

Daniela Scamuzzi is communicator for Cultural Initiatives and Historical Archives in Eni. She is Senior archivist in Eni since 2013, in charge of the Photo and Film Historical Archives. Graduated in Cinema History at the University of Turin - Italy, she is specialized in audiovisual archiving and preservation. Professional Journalist since 2006, she writed as editor on the Eni’s house organ Oil and the website about energy and environment. She also currently writes on the Eni’s website Eniday.

Trude Meland - Representative of Archives, Museums, and Cultural Institutions

Trude Meland is a historian and researcher at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. She has a master in social science from the University of Bergen (1998) and worked at Bergen City Archives and at the University of Bergen. Since 2000 she has been with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. During these years, she has been involved with five Industrial Heritage Projects – Ekofisk, Frigg, Statfjord, Valhall and Draugen. She is now project manager for the documentation project Industrial Heritage Draugen.

abramsky photo.JPG

Kolya Abramsky - Liaison Officer

Kolya Abramsky is a UK-based archivist in the UK with a special interest in energy archives and records. He is currently engaged in consultancy work for the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Nucleus Archive. He is also interested in the urgent and still largely unaddressed task of archiving the rapidly expanding global renewable energy sector, especially wind energy. Between 2019-2021 he was the project archivist at the George Padmore Institute archive in London, responsible for cataloguing the John La Rose’s personal archive relating to the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union of Trinidad and Tobago. He is a member of the International Council on Archives and of the Archives and Records Association. Before becoming an archivist, he spent more than 15 years as a researcher, organizer and educator on different social, political and economic aspects of the global energy sector. Formerly, he was the International Energy Officer for the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa; coordinator of the World Wind Energy Institute, based in Denmark; a Visiting International Scholar and Winner of Manfred-Heindler Award for Energy and Climate Change Research at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Science, Technology and Society in Graz, Austria. Together with the NGO Focus on the Global South, he produced the website Understanding China’s Energy Landscape: Achievements, Challenges and Conflicts - Past, Present, Future. He has edited the book: Sparking a World Wide Energy Revolution: Social Struggles in the Transition to a Post-Petrol World, as well as a book on European integration. He holds an MA in Archives and Records Management from the Department of Information Studies University College London, and an MA in Historical Sociology from the State University of New York, Binghamton.

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