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Call for Papers

Energy in History


Centre for History and Economics, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge (UK)

 27th February 2015


Today’s energy industry is vast and complex, and its development is one of the crucial political issues of our time.


It covers the extraction, capture and exploitation of varied fuels, processes of refining and generation and the delivery of energy to meet the demands of populations and industry. Energy exploitation and use have far reaching effects from global, to national, to personal.  Work in the emerging field of energy history is increasingly seeking to study the full range of activities associated with different energy sources and uses, comparatively and over time.


This one-day workshop will bring together work on a range of historical periods and energy types with a view to developing methodologies, creating working networks, and generating further understanding of current research within the field of historical energy use.


Confirmed participants include Sir Tony Wrigley (Cambridge) Paul Warde (Cambridge), Janet Stewart (Durham), and Frank Trentmann (Birkbeck).


We invite proposals of 200-250 words from early career researchers working on any aspect of the history of energy. These will be put into four panels with commentary throughout the day. Full papers will be circulated in advance.  We particularly welcome interdisciplinary approaches to the subject. Some funding to cover costs will be available.


Organising committee: Katy Button, Tae-Hoon Kim, Marta Musso, Paul Warde


Please send proposals and any enquiries to Mary-Rose Cheadle by 30 November 2014 at



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We acknowledge the generous support of the Economic History Society towards this workshop


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